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Conversation accommodation concept, the procedure by which individuals alter their language actions to become more or less much like that with the individuals with whom They can be interacting

commerce a personal loan, commonly made as an act of favour by a lender ahead of formal credit rating preparations are agreed

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When people accommodate to a near item, they also converge their eyes and, Therefore, constrict their pupils. Nevertheless, the constriction of the pupils isn't A part of the method identified as lens accommodation. The mixture of these a few movements (accommodation, convergence and miosis) is under the control of the Edinger-Westphal nucleus which is generally known as the in close proximity to triad, or accommodation reflex.

Schemas turn into additional refined, specific, and nuanced as new info is gathered and accommodated into our latest Tips and beliefs regarding how the globe operates.

Accommodation is part of the learning method that enables us to change our current ideas as a way to choose in new details.

The automated adjustment in the focal duration of the lens of the eye to permit retinal emphasis of photographs of objects at different distances.

Catenary—D. Jackson Coleman proposes the lens, zonule and anterior vitreous comprise a diaphragm among the anterior and vitreous chambers of the attention.[8] Ciliary muscle mass contraction initiates a tension gradient in between the vitreous and aqueous compartments that assist the anterior lens form inside the mechanically reproducible point out of a steep radius of curvature in the center of the lens with slight flattening on the peripheral anterior lens, i.

Accommodation in psychology, the procedure by which existing psychological buildings and behaviors are modified to adapt to new activities Based on Jean Piaget, in the educational broader principle of Constructivism

Accommodation (religion), a theological theory connected to divine revelation inside the Christian church

cabin course, economic system course, second class - a class of accommodations over a ship or teach or plane that are less costly than top quality accommodations

See far more synonyms for accommodation on Thesaurus.com noun the act of accommodating; condition or strategy of staying accommodated; adaptation.

Fair accommodation, a authorized doctrine preserving spiritual minorities or people with disabilities

five. Physiology The automated adjustment inside the focal length from the lens of the attention to allow retinal emphasis of photographs of objects at varying distances.

Helmholtz—The most generally held[four] concept of accommodation is that proposed by Hermann von Helmholtz in 1855. When viewing a considerably item, the circularly arranged ciliary muscle mass relaxes making it possible for the lens zonules and suspensory ligaments to drag around the lens, flattening here it.

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